Anniversary Clock Blocks/Fork


Anniversary Clock Blocks/Fork

These are the parts on the suspension spring of an Anniversary clock. Sometimes these are lost and most often it is the bottom block that is missing. Please choose either top block, fork, or bottom block from the drop down menu.

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AN2: $6.00$7.00

Blocks and Fork

These are the Anniversary Clock Blocks/Fork that need to be on the suspension spring of an Anniversary clock. The suspension spring is the most common thing that you will need to replace. They break and kink which makes the rotation of the ball assembly cease to function. To replace the suspension spring, remove the old bottom and top blocks and the fork. This way these items can be put onto the new spring. When the spring breaks it is not uncommon for the bottom block to go missing. It might be a good idea to have some extra bottom blocks on hand in case this happens. We carry all of these pieces and many other Anniversary clock necessities.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs

Top Block, Bottom Block, Fork

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Bob Beckmann
Bob Beckmann
4 months ago

Are the top block and the bottom block the same. I need the bottom block, but your choices are only for top block and fork.

Burke Ferrari
Burke Ferrari
3 months ago

Hi James I have a 400 day kundo that is missing fork and top block and the part that the top block attaches to the clock. What is that top part called and do you have it available?

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