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Steps in Clock Repair

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Have a clock that needs restoring?

Clockworks Clock Repair Service offers a variety of clock movement restoration services in the USA, including

  • Mechanical Clock Movement Restoration can include:
    • Step one - Cleaning and Oiling
      Clean the clock movement with Clockworks high grade ultrasonic fluid in a three step process. Therefore, it is ready for a clear inspection.
    • Step Two - Inspection and Quoting
      Next our professionals will give the clock movement a full inspection for any sort of further mechanical work that may be necessary.
    • Step Three - Disassembly and Restoration
      From this point, further work could include anything from bushing work on the movement to customization of mechanical parts to fit the projects needs.

For a quote on a clock project send the clock movement to: Clockworks, PO Box 339 - 124 Goss Hill, Huntington, MA 01050 USA

Specifically, Clockworks provides clock repair services for brands including but not limited to Hermle, Kieninger, Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Urgos, Ridgeway and much more.

Rates 4.8/5 basis on 62 customer reviews

Have a clock that needs restoring?

Step one - Cleaning and Oiling

First we unpack the movement and notify the customer that we are in receipt of it with no shipping damage. Then a thorough cleaning is done with the use of 3 ultrasonic cleaning machines. To clarify, the first and second ultrasonic tanks have clock cleaning solution in them. The idea is to run it through a second time with an even cleaner solution. This cleaning solution is Formula 67 by Zenith. Furthermore, it does not smell and does the best job.

Then the third tank is the rinse which consists of Zenith brand Drizebright. Next, the movement takes a dip in denatured alcohol for an even finer rinse. There is no use of water in this process. After all this, it gets hit with the air hose to be sure there is nothing wet left in the springs or pivot holes.

After the Cleaning

Now that it is clean, the next step is to look at the condition of the clock movement and determine what work needs to be done. Meanwhile, the movement is still intact at this point of the restoration. Now, the customer needs to make a decision. We can stop at this point, oil it and send it right back. The movement has had the best possible cleaning and oiling for only $150. But, there is no guarantee that a cleaning is all that the movement needs. It is quite possible that even with a thorough cleaning and oiling that the movement will not run. However, if a cleaning is all that a customer requests then that is what we will do along with oiling it. Clockworks does guarantee that the movement will have the best and most thorough cleaning possible without disassembling the movement.

Step Two - Inspection and Quoting

The next step that we take is to inspect the movement with magnification for evidence of wear. Usually things such as new mainsprings and bushings on worn pivots need to be done. This is a general assessment because the movement still has not been taken apart. At this point, Clockworks contacts the customer and provides them with the initial findings and provides a reasonable quote for the work that needs to be done. So, if we do not have the go ahead from the customer then the movement is sent back with just the cleaning and oiling. However, if the customer agrees with the quote and gives us the green light to continue, then we can now really get into it.

Step Three - Disassembly and Restoration

When the mainsprings are stuck in the set position, new ones will be put in. Moreover, if a mainspring is made in the world today, we have that size right here in stock. Now the next thing we scrutinize is if the clock needs bushings and if so, how many. Clockworks uses the KWM bushing system however the sizes do not always jive with what the clock actually needs.

Often the bushings are made from brass stock on the Sherline lathe if it is a strange size such as a hand arbor or winding arbor bushing. However, if wheel work or parts need to be made our clockmakers will figure it out and get it done. It is not uncommon to take an antique part from one of the 1000's we have and modify it to fit the application.

Please tell us about yourself and the clock :

Please fill out the form below to let us know about the clock movement that is being sent in. A confirmation email will be sent when the movement comes in. Usually we do not need any movement components such as pendulums or weights as these are items that are always in stock in the warehouse. However, if we need other parts, please select them in the check boxes so we can anticipate what will be coming. Also, it serves as a record for the customer to know what was in the box as well as for us to know what needs to be sent back when the restoration is complete.

A fee of $150 is to be sent with the movement, or alternately pay with a credit card below. This fee includes cleaning and inspection. After the inspection, we will contact with the status of the movement and make recommendations at that point on other work that may be necessary.

Have a clock that needs restoring?

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5 months ago

do you do Junghans clock restorations. ?

Gene Wheeler
Gene Wheeler
5 months ago

Do you work on Gerster V.P. eight day clocks, Made by Welch, Spring & Com

gil keegan
gil keegan
4 months ago

I have a 1780 William Milsom long case clock from Bristol or Bath. Do not want to force the key to unlock the case. Has not run since we inherited it. Beautiful, unrestored engravings, ship that moves when prodded, second hand and hour counter cut outs. Would invest in full restoration if required for authenticity and sentiment as it was gifted from grandparents to parents and then down to me, age 75.
Your thoughts?
G. Keegan, Vero Beach, Florida

4 months ago

My Howard Miller weight driven Grandfather Clock was recently inspected and cleaned by a Howard Miller Dealer. He was not able to resolve one issue….the chime does not chime at all at the 3/4 position..
8:45 am or pm position for example…Noon/Midnight, 3 am/pm,6am/pm chime properly. Problem persists regardless of chime melody selected. Chime is obviously not in a silent mode. Suggestions?

Ken Giordano
Ken Giordano
3 months ago

I have a Howard Miller 610-566. The middle weight is topped out and I can’t get it to release no matter how hard I pull on it. The other two weights are fine, so it chimes correctly if I move the minute hand myself…So there is no ticking and the pendulum just stops after pushing it. How do I remove the whole mechanism to send it to you? Do you have instructions? would you be able to unlock it and send it back working. I have leveled it and everything but it won’t start ticking at all??? I live in Franklin Ma

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