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Clock Pendulum Stick Assembly

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Stick pendulum assembly

The unstained wooden stick pendulum does not come assembled. This is the case so it can be stained, if so choose, and then put together. It can be left unstained, stained to match the clock case, or painted black. This is the most versatile style of all the pendulum. The parts that make up the complete pendulum are the top hook, the stick, the rating assembly, and the bob. The following information is about how to assemble these stick pendulum components. It also includes some basic tools for installation. As always, if there are questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Install the top hook

A top hook is the part of the pendulum that will hook onto the leader. A leader is the hanger that holds the pendulum on the back of the movement. The tools needed to install the top hook are needle nose pliers, a punch and a small hammer. Fold over the tabs so they wrap around the wood stick. Tighten them down with the needle nose pliers. In other words, use the needle nose pliers to squeeze the tabs into the wood. Then use the punch and small hammer to whack the tabs to embed them into the wood. This will make for a secure hold. The top hook goes on the end of the stick that doesn't have the pilot hole. Sometimes the top hook will already be installed when it is shipped. If this is the case skip this step and continue on with the assembly.

Rating assembly information

The rating assembly only includes the bottom threads and the nut. It is called a rating assembly because it is used to regulate the time by manipulating the beat rate. To speed up time, turn the nut on the bottom to raise the bob. Likewise, to slow down the time, turn the nut to lower the bob.

To install the rating assembly assembly, push it into the stick where the pilot hole is located. Turn it to the right to thread it into the pilot hole. We have drilled the pilot hole to make installing the rating assembly nut assembly easier. Leave the nut off of the threads. This will allow it to go through the bob smoother. Additionally, a cordless drill can be used to drive it into the wood stick on low speed. Be careful not to go fast when doing this or the stick will split. In the long run, slow and steady wins the race!

Put the bob on

A v is the round disk at the bottom of the clock pendulum. The v has a slot on the back of it where the wood stick and rating assembly slide into. The slot has a friction tab that can be bent in or out and the only purpose of it is to hold the bob still. Slide the stick and threads into this slot and have the threads come out the smaller hole in the bottom of the bob.

In short, this is not really easy. It may take a few times to get the threads to come out of the small hole in the bottom of the bob. Once it is through, put the nut on. Moving the bob up or down will adjust the time. Lowering it will slow down time. Raising it will speed up time. If there are still questions please send Clockworks an email.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

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Robert Shaeff
Robert Shaeff
8 months ago

I have a Hermle brass unit with the following stamped on the case: 1161-050 and 94cm over 66. Unfortunately, the pendulum has been lost in a recent move. Do the above numbers stamped on the brass case help in identifying the pendulum I need???

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