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Quartz Clock Hands

Quartz Clock Hands that will fit any battery movements we offer. There are two types of battery clock hands in the world, one is the China standard and one is the American standard. The China way of using the hands are with round holes in both the hour and minute hands. The American style has an oblong mounting hole in the minute hand and a round hole for the hour hand and fits what is known as an "I" shaft clock movement. What we offer here all fit our "I" shaft movements, in other words they all fit all the movements we sell.

If replacing a quartz clock movement, your old ones may fit the new movement just fine, if you have an oblong hole in the minute. The hour will fit either way, but the minute (longer of the two ) are where the concern is. If in doubt, its best to just get the new ones for your new movement upon checking out. This way its all set and you have everything you need for a smooth movement swap out.

These come in a set, so even though your measuring only the long hand, the shorter one comes with it proportionally smaller. If you need them for a larger dial than 10 inches wide, please see our High Torque movement and hands section. Mounting is easy, the hour hand goes on first as a friction fit, just twist and push on. The minute hand has an oblong mounting hole in it, and this goes on the "I" shaft top of the hand shaft of the movement with its nut. If you have a second hand you would use the nut with a hole in it, if no second hand is used than you would use the cap style nut so it looks pretty.

If you would like a second hand they are in a different section and sold separately as they are optional and not required to run on your new movement.

How to measure the minute hand
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Clock Hands
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Tapered Clock Hands
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Tapered Clock Hands
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Clock Hand Straight
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Clock Hands
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Clock Hands
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Clock Hands
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moon hands
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Time In
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clock hands
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Quartz Clock Second Hands

Quartz Clock Second Hands come with a mounting post that is a tube sticking out of the bottom. This tube is what sticking into the top of the hand shaft post on the quartz clock movement. It is only a friction fit, press the tube in and its all installed. If by chance it is not climbing the hill from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock, it may require tightening for a better fit. This is not the usual situation, but it does happen. To tighten the post for a tighter friction fit is easy because the tube that mounts the hand is split, so just squeeze slightly with some needle nose pliers and it will be tight again. Remount the hand as before and it should climb the hill no problem.

There are two types of quartz movements that run these hands. Step motion is a movement that the second hand jumps from one second to the next. Sweep motion, this is when it sweeps around with no stopping right around the dial.

Item #SH1 Quartz clock movement second hand clockworks.com
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Item #SH2 Quartz clock movement second hand clockworks.com
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Item #SH3 Quartz clock movement second hand clockworks.com
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High Torque Clock Hands

High Torque Clock Hands and used on larger dial diameters. These hands require a high torque clock movement that is run by battery power. These hands are for the American standard "I" shaft battery powered quartz clock movements. What this means is the minute hand will have an oblong hole and mounts to the oblong shaft on the clock movement.

Mounting the clock hands on to the movement is easy and is as follows. The hour hand gets mounted first, has the round hole and is only mounted via friction fit. As you put the hour hand on first, twist and push toward the dial, it will stay there by friction only. Be sure its not rubbing the dial. Next is the minute hand, this has the oblong hole, it gets mounted to the oblong shaft, and gets secured by the hand nut. There are two hand nuts that come with a new high torque movement from clockworks.com, one is if you were to use a second hand and it has a hole in it. The other nut is a cap nut, and has no hole in it. The idea is to use the doughnut one if your going with the second hand, if not use the cap nut so its better looking.

That concludes the mounting procedure. Just be sure the hour hand is not rubbing the dial, the minute hand is not rubbing the hour hand, the minute hand is not rubbing the glass door. These hands should be parallel and no contact with anything but its own mount.

Needs a High Torque Movement, comes with both hour and minute hands Styles vary depending on length. Longer ones have the tail counter balance.

How to measure battery operated hands

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Tapered battery operated long hand

Tapered High Torque Hands

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Long High Torque Clock Hands

Spade Style High Torque Hands

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Long High Torque Clock Hands

Howard Miller Design High Torque Hands

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Item #HTH8

Long High Torque Clock Hands

Serpentine High Torque Hands

HTH8: $8.89

Clock Numerals - Dial Numbers

Clock Numerals - Dial Numbers are used to either find replacements for numbers that have fallen off the clock dial or to create your own clock dial out of whatever material you would like to make a clock out of. The sticking numbers have a peel and stick back, but sometimes its required to use some more glue to secure them. The best glue to use with these are the clear epoxy that you mix and it dries in about 5 minutes clear. The brass numbers and the largest sized plastic numbers do not stick on there own, and the ones that do peel and stick should be secured with the epoxy also as described, so its best to get the epoxy with the numerals.

Arabic Numerals

Sticky Clock Numerals

These Numerals have a sticky back to them so they will mark your dial or wall.

Item #DL18

DL18: $4.89

Roman Numerals

Sticky Clock Numerals

These Numerals can be drilled and screwed onto a surface to stay more permanent.

Item #DL19

CL19: $4.89

Brass Tone Clock Numerals - Dial Numbers

Brass tone clock numerals

Shiny brass colored aluminum for modern floor clock dials. Measurement is the overall height. The 1 1/8 inch size is for grandmother clocks and the 1 5/16 size is for the grandfather clocks

CD2: $14.89