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Clockworks Clock Supply Welcome

Clockworks Clock Supply Welcome, Clockworks.com is in the back woods of New England, we are a ethical family of clock enthusiasts. All our business with clock parts is conducted through shipping products and repairs rather than running a "walk in" retail establishment. We offer a variety of clock parts, movements, clock hands, clock tools and anything else you can think of clocks.

We are located in Huntington, MA, in the USA. This is old clock country, here as Huntington, and not far from the retired factories of Seth Thomas, New Haven, Waterbury, Ansonia, Westfield Watch, Chelsea Clock Co, and more. This region is where the great clock manufacturers produced countless quality clocks that are sought after even a century later.

We ship out every business day from MA USA with both UPS and USPS. Everything is gone and shipped by 1 or 2pm each day, so if you order in the afternoon your item will not go out until the next business day. Email is always the best form of communicating, we can exchange pictures and information to help you with your clock.

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Clockworks Clock Supply Origin

Clockworks Clock Supply Origin started out as Nepaug Clockworks in the mid 1940’s by Robert Tonkin from a section called Nepaug in New Hartford, CT. He was doing his clock repair out of his house in Nepaug and then also a Jewelers that was across from the old Seth Thomas factory in Thomaston, CT.

In 1991 his nephew (me) James Stoudenmire took an interest in what he was doing and started to follow suite, joining NAWCC in 1994 and was in full swing with clocks. With his experience and knowledge backing up the clock ventures, I learned everything I could about clock repair and the clock industry. I took up a clock repair internship at Goldsmith Jewelers, owned by Ludwig Goldsmith in Wilbraham, MA. There I would work for free learning about more about clocks and repairing them. We would go to all the NAWCC shows that happened within a about 200 miles of us. At the shows we would watch the experts explain various details about special clocks and how to re pivot and all this. I would meet other clockmakers and get there opinions on certain problem units and so forth.

Then came the internet in 1995, and Ebay to soon follow. I had a lot of clock parts and watch parts by then from all the places I been. I would buy up things here and there and had a good stock pile of things clock related that I really did not need.  I started selling here and there on Ebay with the user name of clockworks. It stuck and we got pretty busy with it. I would buy up retired clockmakers parts and supplies and keep selling them online. So the next step was to get a website. I was stuck with theclockman.com because clockworks.com was taken, but finally in 1998, I found out who owned the name and I was able to buy it from him. Now, here we are, clockworks.com! After some time there were more people involved with both the clockworks website and the clock repair aspect, and now here we are, over 20 years later with that same Clockworks.com

These days we have a full stack clock repair center, industrial clock cleaning machines, several lathe setups, both Bergeron and KWM bushing setups, Gear cutters and a mountain of old clock movements separated by maker. At the same time we have the retail side of offering everything from moon gears to quartz clock hands and mainsprings to full blown tubular bell clock kits. We stock all the German made units and also the more economical India made units and battery operated.

  • If we need a part, we go to the next section of the building and get it, from either our retail supply or our antique supply.
  • If we need to cut a gear or pivot something, we go to another room and do it.

When someone calls and has a clock issue, if we can't solve their issue, it's most likely not solvable.

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Clockworks Return Policy Guide

Clockworks Return Policy Guide is best to be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before purchasing. If you have any questions at all please send an email to [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you. We want you to order the correct thing the first time around and get your clock up and running! You do not need an RMA number. Please include a note with your information, order number, and reason for return/exchange.

    • Exchanges must include a check or money order for the same shipping amount paid initially on the original order.
    • All returns will incur a 15% restocking fee.
    • There are no refunds on shipping charges.
    • No returns on custom jobs, such as re geared movements, or modified pendulums.
    • Nothing with a value under $20 can be returned for a refund.

Mechanical movements have a 2 year warranty against factory defects. Please be aware that any movements that have been regeared cannot be returned so they are excluded from the normal warranty. If there is an issue with a regeared movement, a repair of the movement is your only option. We do test the units before shipping when a gear change has been done but if there are any warranty issues you will have to send the movement in for repair.

When sending back a mechanical movement for an exchange or refund (not any regeared movements), or a repair, etc. it is the customer’s responsibility to pack it exactly like it was when it was received. This includes double boxing the movement with the hand shaft facing up and making sure the movement cannot move around freely. If we receive a movement back that is damaged due to improper packing, the customer will be charged for the movement.

So please if you have any questions about the product your interested in purchasing, by all means contact us. There are multiple methods of contacting us with questions. The chat option is on the low right of ever page, there is a contact form in the middle right of each page also. You can email us at [email protected], you can call us at 800-381-7458. All these ways make it easy to get your question answered in a reasonable amount of time. With all this we can get your order just what you need the first time.

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Clockworks International Order Fulfillment

Clockworks International Order Fulfillment is an option for our products, however there are some guidelines to go by in order to provide this service.

Clockworks.com is in the USA. We do offer worldwide shipping and most of our international orders ship for a flat rate. Upon checkout, select USPS for small international packages (12.00). If you want your package expedited (priority mail is 6-10 business days) then select that option upon checkout. This is usually much more expensive, but it is available.

If you are ordering a large amount of items, or items that are heavy (such as clock weights) the shopping cart does not always calculate the correct amount for shipping. We will contact you in the event that this occurs. Also, first class international mail can take at least 30 business days to deliver. We have no control over this and the US Postal Service will not even attempt to do a trace on it until 30 business days have passed. Please do not contact us asking where your package is unless it has been at least 30 business days.

We are not responsible for any customs charges, taxes, duties, etc. for you to pick up your clock parts. All international packages get sent out as merchandise and with a value of the contents. What each country does with that information is not known to us so it is the customer’s responsibility to pay any fees associated with an international purchase. The customer is also responsible for all shipping charges. This includes any errors that may occur. If a product is coming or going to you, the customer, is responsible to pay it.

If you place an order, and we ship it out, our job is all done. If you never get the package, we will not reimburse you for this. If you get the wrong item we will not reimburse for this either. In other words, all expense, all risk, all custom fees, all shipment costs, are on you the customer.

We have shipped so much product to certain countries and people just do not get what we send. If you are ordering from a country that is dealing with issues on postal theft, we cannot take responsibility for this on our end. We are a small company and just cannot absorb this sort of expense.

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Clock Movement Parts Catalog

Clock Movement Parts Catalog is online at clockworks.com. The clock industry is changing so much and so quick. It is no longer practical to print a catalog as the inventory violently fluctuates in what is produced and what is no longer available for the clock movements. With the internet in such full swing, the catalog no longer an option that makes sense. Clockworks is going green, saving the trees and the planet by just keeping the website up to date with everything and no longer printing a catalog.

The Clockworks.com website has a convenient search bar on the top of every web page. This will search our clock parts and tools with ease and efficiency. You can ask questions via chat or email and can get the answers right away, we can send you information or links to solve the clock issues immediately. All these advantages is justification for the elimination of the paper catalog idea.

So tell us what you are in the market for please by using the chat system or email us at [email protected] for a timely response to all your clock questions and needs.

- - The content of this web page and web site was written and copyright by James Stoudenmire of Clockworks.com - It may not be used commercially without permission. - -

Thank you so much for your fast reply. The fix worked perfectly. I can't believe I have been living with a clock chiming 10 minutes early for 2 months. Thank you again Gregg Viscomi
My clock is up and running now. Thank you for the fast service. Kevin Miller
Just to let you know.......my order came today and I've fitted it in the clock - many thanks :o) Chris Perry
Thank you for your help. I tried both ideas and I am now working very nicely. That and my wife is happy too. So Thank you again. Robert Smith
THANK YOU! What more could one ask for good service great clock parts!. Don Gibson
This is extremely helpful and I thank you sincerely. This repair is a mission of mercy for our pastor whose parents both died recently. She brought it to me with a 175 year old hymnbook that was also in the family, wondering what to do with family "heirlooms". Bringing the clock to life will be meaningful to her. As a former family counselor, she spends 80 hours a week helping people. Thanks- Rick, Tempest Book Shop
your company is amazing!!! promt shipment!!! i’ll be a customer for life! Karen reynolds
Clocks works great now. Thank you so much. Jim Zee
James, Just wanted to drop a quick note to say “Thanks Much” for the suspension spring replacement. The first spring fit the grandfather type, whereas the replacement ones were the right pieces for the “grandmother” clock. My Mom in VA is very happy to have her clock working again, and we appreciate the great responsiveness and service you folks provided. Best Regards, David Mayfield
James, thanks for the quick response. I am glad to know about your company. I have a number of personal clocks for which I need some parts. Jim Murphy
first, I want to report that the replacement movement I bought from you a few weeks ago worked perfectly!..This was very important as it let my father see his clock run again. alan Egger
James, Received the works in today's mail and it (the clock) is up and running. Thanks for your prompt service. JOE KRAESZIG
i would like to take this time to thank you for the your service that you have given to me . I did receive the pivot tool in the mail today. Patrick Kluthe
Hi James; Your package arrived and everything I needed was in it. I repiared the old kitchen clock that my wife is so very fond of and all is now well. Thank you for the extra effort, be well. Keith Lively
It's hard to believe it could that easy. Thank you very much!! Charles Moore
Deb: The movement arrived today and I got it installed and working beautifully. The instructions were very helpful. Michael G. Rich
Hello James, On behalf of sanity, I would like to thank you for assisting Ed in the workings of our clock. You have no idea how much you are appreciated. Susan Meyers
Clockworks, The new motor is terrific, clock works again. Tom Thomas Nichols
Thanks for the quick and positive response. We will be doing more business with you n the future! Terry Case
Works perfectly and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for all of your help. Lugene VanFleet
Thank you for your prompt response. I just wanted to thank you for that and to tell you that, even though it didn’t work out to do business this time, your integrity in taking the time to respond means that any future needs I have that you have available, you’ll be my first choice to do business with. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others. Thank you. Bill. William Souilliere
Thank you James This is only the second large clock I've tried to repair, you and your staff have been exceptional in keeping me on track. Your web page has some of the most useful information for a budding amateur like me. Without your staffs assistance and your clock parts I'm not sure I would ever get this clock working. Michael Ratliff
Dear James ever since I installed the 221421 clock in my wall clock it runs beautifully. Thank you very much for all the help and advice you gave me. Lewis L Taylor
I am very happy to say that a couple of the keys I ordered from you all worked for my old clock. Don't know what I would have done without you. My clock key disappeared the day my cleaning lady was here and I was just devasated-the clock is very old and I doubted I would find one that worked. Marilyn Meade
Thanks, It is refreshing to deal with someone that know what custom service and satisfaction means! Thanks again, Robert Owings
James - just to let you know the clock parts arrived safely several days ago and is now installed & working perfectly. Very pleased with your service. Andy.Belenkin